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Cutting policy

What does MONNICKENDAM consider the best diamond?

It's the diamond with the greatest lustre, created by the most skilful cutting.

In cutting, MONNICKENDAM's aim is always to give life to the rough stone by bringing out its innate lustre.

What does MONNICKENDAM consider the best lustre?

The life of a diamond is its lustre, which comes from a combination of brilliancy, fire and sparkle. Among these, MONNICKENDAM uses brilliancy as the main measure of the beauty of its lustre. White brilliance is the brightest and most powerful that diamonds can offer. MONNICKENDAM attaches the greatest importance to producing this white, rich lustre.

Luxury White

This is the most luxurious lustre of all - it will even move your heart. Since the company's founding over 120 years ago, the craftsmanship needed to produce this white lustre has been handed on down the generations. So precise is the workmanship that the ability has been demonstrated to cut 58 facets on a diamond of 0.0016 carats, or less than 1mm across.

To make a fancy cut diamond, a finished product image must first be developed maximizing the characteristics of the rough diamond, with the cuts made following this image precisely. This requires a highly skilled and precise technique. MONNICKENDAM has been acclaimed as the best cutter of fancy cut diamonds today, in terms of superior quality and absolute beauty - all thanks to its lead in precision cutting techniques.