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In 1890 the company MONNICKENDAM was founded by Louis Monnickendam in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On the outbreak of World War I in 1914 it moved to Britain, relocating the head office to Hatton Garden, the famous jewellery district in London.


In 1920 Albert Monnickendam, the second president, changed the company's name to A. MONNICKENDAM.

Thanks to Albert's invaluable accumulated experience and professional techniques, MONNICKENDAM gained the highest reputation in the industry and ever since has been supplying the finest diamonds, cut and polished from selected rough diamonds to the famous jewellery houses of Europe.

In 1947 the government of Tanganyika presented some superb rough diamonds to Princess Elizabeth (now HM Queen Elizabeth II) for her wedding, and MONNICKENDAM had the great honour to be chosen to cut and polish these to produce a pair of earrings.


In 1954, striving for unlimited challenges and innovation, MONNICKENDAM successfully developed the most innovative polishing technology, 'circle of lustre'

In 1965 MONNICKENDAM succeeded in the amazing feat of producing a 0.0016 carat full-cut diamond and polishing it by hand.

In 1966 MONNICKENDAM had the honour of being awarded the Queen's Award for Industry, as Albert and his son Arthur contributed to the growth of the diamond business not only at home but also in overseas markets, thanks to their professional commitment to produce the most beautiful diamonds.


Arthur Monnickendam, the third president, known as 'the diamond authority', represented the diamond industry in the London Chamber of Commerce. He later became a member of CIBJO representing the United Kingdom.

Today, under the fourth president Garry Monnickendam, the company's name has been changed to MONNICKENDAM DIAMOND LIMITED.


The cutting policy of MONNICKENDAM 'give life to rough diamonds' has been truly successful and has remained unchanged up till this day.